Friday, April 15, 2011

Punta Mona, Costa Rica.....a life changing experience.

We went to southern Costa Rica, pretty much to where the road runs out. After a delicious Carribean lunch, we headed into the jungle with guides to take us to our destination: Punta Mona. While walking through the jungle, we saw snakes, sloths, HUGE spiders that crawled on our faces (dont´worry, they don´t bite). We ate termites, fresh coconut, and stinky fruit. After seeing the beautiful jungle and hiking for a couple hours, we boated in to Punta Mona.

Punta Mona is a permaculture farm eleven miles from the Panama border. We learned about the ins and outs of permaculture which means "permanent culture." In this movement that is beginning to take off, we learned about sustainability and how we need to take care of each other and the earth at the same time.

At Punta Mona, all of their energy comes from solar power. All of their water comes from rain run-off that is collected from a gutter system and then purified. All of their food is grown on their farm or bought from locals. This food was some of the best and healthiest food on the face of the earth. Really.

When we weren´t learning about permaculture and sustainability, we were digging ponds, swimming in the ocean, kayaking, hanging out in hammocks, or chatting with the wonderful chef Sarah. It was the perfect time of restoration after getting out of Honduras. Our group was able to spend time together and have some debriefing time of our Honduran experiences. We started to understand each other a little better and our relationships really started to deepen. This was encouraged by lots of free-style singing and the strumming of the guitar.

We got fake tatoos. We went searching for sea turtles. We slept under mosquito nets. We used composting toilets. We made chocolate. We ate weird fruit. We went on a medicinal plant walk. We laughed. We had a bonfire. We had a great time.

So basically, Punta Mona is awesome and we had a wonderful experience.

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