Friday, April 15, 2011

Monte Verde, Costa Rica

The day after parent´s weekend, we left for Monte Verde and the small rural town of San Luis. We stayed at the University of Georgia campus in the beautiful cloud rainforests. Upon arriving, we immediately went on a hike through the forest to learn about the unique plants and animals living in the area. The next day we moved in with our host families in San Luis where we spent the next few nights. The families we lived with were all very welcoming, and it was very interesting to compare the differences in rural farming in Costa Rica with our Honduran homestays. It was amazing to see how attached people were to their host families even after a few short days.
Our time in San Luis was filled with lectures on environmentalism, ecotourism, and fair trade coffee. It was great to hear about a community that is working together to form a cooperative that emphasizes both social and environmental improvements, making the world a better place than it was the day before. A highlight for many people was definitely our trip up the mountain to go ziplining. The view from up in the trees was amazing, and we finished the day off right by ending with a Tarzan Swing. This meant we had to climb a wooden platform 26 feet into the air, be attached to a cable, and simply jump off, swinging through the air like Tarzan. There were definitely people who enjoyed this more than others! We then returned to the Costa Rica Center and only had a few days to enjoy our time there before heading out to Nicaragua bright and early at 4:00 in the morning.

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